Week 1 Marathon Training

go here Back story:  I have not done a training run since December 10th; however, I did run a half marathon on January 19th and another half marathon on February 23rd.  I did not train AT ALL for either one.  And even though they both went fine it’s not something I’d recommend as I was quite sore for several days after each race day.

click here Present day:  I have signed up for my 2nd full marathon to take place at the end of May.  I’ll be updating my “week in workouts” leading up to the race.  This is kind of like a “couch-to-marathon” journey if you will.

alli orlistat 60mg capsules Week of March 9-15:

Sunday:   Run 5k (easy effort)–post run: chocolate milk

Monday:   Rest

Tuesday:   Run 5 miles (easy effort)– post run:  chocolate milk

Wednesday:  Rest

Thursday:  Run 5 miles (intervals/speed work)–post run:  chocolate milk

Friday:   Rest

Sunday*:   Run 12 miles (long run)–post run:  protein shake

Getting back into the groove of running, especially the long-run distances, was a bit tough but manageable.  It felt good to get my body moving again.  I noticed a huge difference in recovery after my long run; practically no soreness.  I guess even a week’s worth of training would have made a big difference for those half marathons.

This was only week 1.  As I get further into the process, I’ll likely add in some cross training, strength training, yoga and/or pilates most weeks.  After each run I have either a glass of chocolate milk or a protein shake depending on the distance.  In addition, I try to roll out my muscles with a roller post-runs.

*I usually do my long runs on saturdays not sunday; this was an atypical week

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