Gutting the Master Bathroom…

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Last week I shared pictures of our master bathroom in its original state.  We hadn’t done anything with it except paint the walls a creamy off-white color  over its original purple walls.


We were at a point with the bathroom where we would either have to re-grout the tile or replace it.  If we were going to replace it then we might as well change it to something we liked and since we didn’t like anything about the existing layout we decided to gut and re-do the entire space.  Here are some shots of the demolition process…Piper was not amused.

Removed the vanity…


Chiseling away at the tile…

The wall of the shower was pretty rotted from the moisture seeping past the old grout…

The tub was very heavy and awkward to dis-lodge from its home…


The clean-up was probably the worst part of the process…



The demolition process was not a quick one.  The tub had to be sawed into three parts to get it out of the space.  Behind the tile in the shower we found mold from all of the moisture that had seeped behind the tiles and onto the insulation which we carefully removed.  We tore up the tile and construction that housed the tub as well as the tile on the floor.

The shower doors, shower base, vanity and toilet were all removed and disconnected from their respective plumbing.  The clean-up was very difficult as we had to make a ton of small trips because the tile debris was so heavy.

Next up:

-remove the huge mirror that spans the entire wall (hopefully without it shattering into a billion pieces)

-expose the studs and floor beams so the plumbing can be roughed in

-finalize the new layout

-plumbing rough-in

This is a long but exciting process.  I can’t wait for the end result.

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