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accutane purchase online uk Hi everyone.  I’m Christina.  I’m 29 years old and live in the Maryland/D.C. suburbs with my amazing husband and our two adorable pups.  Among other things, I am a Korean adoptee who grew up in a rural New England town (hence My New England Seoul) where I found the love of my life.  God works in mysterious ways and I do believe things happen for a reason.

dapoxetine buy blog Though I live in the suburbs now, I am a true country girl at heart.  I love the great outdoors and all nature has to offer.  I am certainly east coast loyal and thrive on the change of seasons.  I can’t imagine having the same weather and scenery all year long.

I have a love for organizing and can’t stand clutter.  I appreciate makeup and beauty products and the transformative properties they hold.  I enjoy leading a healthy and fit lifestyle.  I ran my first road race in November 2013 and it was such an exhilarating experience that I am officially hooked.  Other randoms I love include tea, good books, coffee shops, relaxing bubble baths, movies, shopping, food, catching up on our favorite TV shows, lazy weekends, crafting, learning new skills and spending time with our fur babies.

We bought our first house in 2009 and have enjoyed every minute of making it our home.  I love anything to do with home improvement, home decor and DIY, and with my super-talented husband by my side anything is possible.  We have taken on some pretty big renovations to date and have even more exciting plans for the future!

My husband and I love traveling and seeing different parts of the world.  Our next big adventure will be in South Korea.  After 29 years, I’m headed back to the “motherland.”  I think it will be a life-altering experience for me as I’m sure it is for all Korean adoptees.

I find inspiration all around me while living my life.  I think people are amazing, at least when they want to be.  Every day here on this planet is a gift and we need to maximize its potential.

My New England Seoul is just a glimpse into my life.  Grab a cup of tea and stay a while!


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  1. Hi Christina!
    Wow, I love your blog as it has so many interesting topics =) I look forward to reading more about your fabulous life with your hubby and doggies, but also learning more about Korean adoptees. I think you are brave and an inspiration for others out there for sharing your experiences. <3

  2. Hi Christina! I found you in the FB group. I also grew up in New England- MA to be exact. We had a huge community of KADs in my town- about 50 as I grew up. I was involved with Boston Korean Adoptee group back when it was starting but I was kind of young for the group. I’m not overly involved with adoptee stuff anymore except for the fact that I’m a pseudo adoptive mother at this point. I look forward to perusing more of your blog. I like your intro page. I probably should do on outside of my profile intro that is fairly short. Blessings~

    • Hi Meredith,
      Thanks for the message. It’s always nice to meet a fellow New Englander, especially another KAD. I grew up in VT specifically, and though there wasn’t a huge population of adoptees, two of my best friends were also adopted. I have more recently been focusing on the adoptee aspect of my life as I’m planning my first trip back to Korea and have initiated a birth family search. I look forward to reading more on your blog as well. I’ll see you around FB and our blogs!

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