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order femara letrozole I wanted to share with all of you a major pet peeve of mine.  You may, or may not, know that I was adopted from Korea when I was just an infant and grew up in a small, almost 100% white community.  My family, friends, neighbors, and even my, now, husband are all white.  And though I dealt with my fair share of ignorance growing up in a small town, I almost feel that my physical appearance is brought up more frequently now, that I’m living in the Maryland/D.C. suburbs, than ever before!

buy clomid and nolva Working with the general public I encounter people from all walks of life on a regular basis.  Probably, at least, once a week I have the following conversation with someone:

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Spa day for the girls :)


IMG_0953Everybody needs a spa day every now and then, and the pups are no exception. They were in dire need of baths and haircuts.  The problem has been the weather here is changing constantly from snow…to slush…to rain, which then turns to mud… you get the picture.  We were trying to wait for a reprieve from the crazy weather that makes them immediately filthy as soon as they step outside; however, upcoming forecasts suggested more messy weather to come so we went ahead and gave them a spa day, complete with manicures 🙂

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