Week 2 – Marathon training

This was my second full week of marathon training (you can read week 1 here) and as I ease back into more intense exercise, I can feel my body starting to adapt.  It’s been a fairly smooth transition with the exception of some nutrition related hiccups this week.

I have recently watched a few documentaries on the power of proper nutrition.  They discussed how one of the major problems with our society’s diet and nutrition is that people are no longer eating “food,” but instead eating “food-like” products.  Their messages really resonated with me and I am inspired to attempt a cleaner diet for my overall health as well as my marathon training efforts.  I’ll keep you posted on any changes I make and their effects 🙂

buy viagra india Week of March 16-22:

http://jessicaconoley.com/my-work/the-color-eater-novel-excerpt/ Sunday:   Rest

where to buy prednisone uk Monday:   Run 3 miles (easy effort)

Tuesday:   Rest

reglan buy 2014 Wednesday:  Run 3 miles (easy effort)

Thursday:  Rest

Friday:   Rest

Saturday:   Run 8 miles (long run), 90 minutes (elliptical), 20 minutes (toning); post workout protein shake

I was planning on running 14 miles on saturday but only ended up doing 8.  The previous night’s dinner was a little higher in sodium than the typical and I certainly noticed a difference in my energy levels the following morning.  All I wanted to do was guzzle water continuously.  As soon as I started running I felt very sluggish; so much so, that I decided to cut it short and finish my workout inside (partly because I felt so dehydrated and partly because my hand held water bottle only holds so much leaving me miles from home and parched).  Cutting a long run short is a first for me and even though I added some cross training and toning into the mix, part of me feels like I cheated a bit by not doing the full mileage.

This turned out to be a very low mileage/activity week.  Despite this little setback, I’m feeling highly motivated to change my diet and nutrition habits. I recommend watching The Perfect Human Diet and Hungry for Change.  I found both to be very interesting and a lot of it made perfect sense to me.


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